Calendar Raffle Winners

Updated Thursday November 3, 2016 by Kerry Shaughnessy.

Winners will be posted on a weekly basis. Below is the list of the winners from the first of four weeks of raffle drawings:

Sunday 09/25/16: Richard Currier

Monday 09/26/16: Bob Bushey

Tuesday 09/27/16: Amanda Barker

Wednesday 09/28/16: George Athanasopoulos

Thursday 09/29/16: Michelle Usseglio

Friday 09/30/16: Tom Gately

Saturday 10/01/16: Katie Burke


Congratulations to all of our winners this week. 


Week 2 Raffle Winners

Sunday 10/02/16: Joseph Shaughnessy

Monday 10/03/16: Joan O'Brien

Tuesday 10/04/16: Mark Lewis

Wednesday 10/05/16: Jay Owens

Thursday 10/06/16: Sandy Aiello

Friday 10/07/16: Christina McCarthy

Saturday 10/08/16: Marilyn Parece

Congratulations to this week's raffle winners. 


Week 3 Raffle Winners

Sunday 10/09/16: Jenna Lafont

Monday 10/10/16: Keysha Inniss

Tuesday 10/11/16: Sara Reagor

Wednesday 10/12/16: Amanda Dalton

Thursday 10/13/16: Sue St. Jean

Friday 10/14/16: Kasey Hernandez

Saturday 10/15/16: Kevin and Sandra Flynn

Congratulations to this week's raffle winners. 



Week 4 Raffle Winners

Sunday 10/16/16: Mary Murphy

Monday 10/17/16: Michael Hannon

Tuesday 10/18/16: Brandy Defreitas

Wednesday 10/19/16: Beverly Armstrong

Thursday 10/20/16: Adriana D'Arrigo

Friday 10/21/16: Laura Gimby

Saturday 10/22/16: Ken Seacrist

Congratulations to all of our calendar raffle winners this season!