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Updated Saturday October 29, 2016 by Watertown-Belmont Youth Football.

Watertown Belmont Youth Football & Cheer (WBYFC) is a member of the Commonwealth Youth Football Conference, which plays under the national organization of American Youth Football (AYF). WBYFC promotes teamwork, athletic skills, and fun for 1st through 8th grade boys and girls in Belmont and Watertown.


Principles of American Youth Football (AYF)

• Everyone gets to play — equal opportunity for all to play football and cheer

• No weight limits

• Teams structured by grades

• No moving players up or down based an age/weight

• Play and compete with your peers

• Stick together with your friends

• Learn and improve the fundamental skills of football or cheerleading



1st/2nd grade — Flag

3rd/4th grade — Crusaders

5th/6th grade — Spartans

7th/8th grade — Gladiators


The teams play an 8-game schedule. Flag and 3rd/4th grade teams are non-competitive, instructional divisions with coaches on the field teaching the game. The 5th/6th grade and 7th/8th grade teams compete for playoff spots, conference championships, and a chance to play in the Superbowl against the Northeast Youth Football Conference. Cheerleading teams include athletes from 1st through 8th grade and compete at various competitions in Massachusetts in addition to cheering at the football games.



The league outfits each football player with practice and game uniforms, helmet, and pads (shoulder, knee, and rib). Players are responsible to purchase their own cleats, girdle/cup, and socks.


Cheerleaders are issued skirts and shells. Bows, shoes, and other uniform elements are purchased by the participant. 



Athlete safety is our top priority. We do everything we can to ensure player safety, including:

• Instruction emphasizing fundamentals and techniques to reduce injury

• Helmets reconditioned each year and replaced every five years

• Careful helmet fitting

• Free baseline testing conducted by Excel Orthopaedic Specialists of Woburn

• All football and cheer coaches receive training in their sport fundamentals and are certified in concussion protocol

• Certified EMT at each game to treat and assess any injuries experienced on game day



Football practices typically begin the second week of August and run Mon – Thu 6 to 8pm at Moxley Field until Labor Day and the beginning of school.  After Labor Day, practices are held Tue, Thu, and Fri evenings with games on Sundays.


Cheerleading practice follows the same schedule in August. After Labor Day the schedule varies based on available space in the Watertown High School gym.


Game times:

9am Flag

10:30 am 3rd/4th grade team

12 noon 5th/6th grade team

1:30pm 7th/8th grade team


Home games are played at Victory Field, Orchard St., Watertown.